The Story

Do you have the password?

Camden Gin is opening a new bar in Los Angeles, and they needed a unique identity to stand out in the crowded city. For them, we devised a story about a secret locale that only Angeleno locals know, where they can get away from the tourists and cliche, shallow parts of the city with which everyone is familiar but nobody feels comfortable. The bar is a symbol of adventure and know-how, and it exemplifies this with an updated speakeasy theme.


Camden Gin


Brand Story


Web Design & Development

Social Campaign

The Look & Campaign

A secret that begs to be shared.

Cherry wood à la gentlemen’s studies of yesteryear was the vibrant centerpiece of the look, evoking the history of the Camden brand of gin. A fiery red and gold give it a modern, but upscale, look.

The campaign aimed to appeal to Angelenos with a strong knowledge of the city’s lesser-known, or less glamorous, locales. Los Angeles is a touristy town, and locals often resent being lumped in with “transplants” (those new to town) or out-of-town vacationers. Everyone knows about Hollywood Boulevard, the Sunset Strip, and the Santa Monica Pier, but only those truly in the know will get the references of our campaign. Much like Camden Gin’s bar, there are plenty of eclectic secrets hidden throughout the City of Angels.

The Website

For those in the know.

Above the fold is our tagline: “Your Favorite Secret.” We wanted to give the feeling that, like the bar, the website is a hidden gem in a tucked-away corner of the internet.

The design has a familiar design, but details of it are more innovative, like the bar it’s meant to serve. The menu opens to the left, and the website as a whole uses parallax to keep the design moving.