The Story

Growth & modernity are not mutually exclusive.

Escape is a music, culture, food, and outdoor camping festival in Needles, CA, right in the middle of the Mojave desert. A small festival, they needed a story that spoke to their ideal customer directly, no running around. With them, we created a story about a person who yearns for the healing self-actualization of ancient natural wisdom while not having to sacrifice a modern life. To this end, we created a modern, geometric identity and website that is rich in symbolism and the colors of the world around us.


Escape Festival


Brand Story


Web Design & Development

The Look

Respect for the past while embracing the future.

A big influence for this project was the Golden Ratio, which is found in abundance in nature. Furthermore, since the festival takes place in the Southwest, a great deal of the design pays homage to the American Indian tribes in neighboring Arizona and New Mexico. The implication is that these are people who have carried their strong ancestral, natural wisdom into the modern age, and we should strive to emulate them.

The website, poster, and identity all aim to embody a calming, almost surreal attachment to nature. The colors are vivid, to show that a life focused on self-actualization does not need to be dull. The icons were requested as signs for the various aspects of the festival, and also borrow from traditional American Indian patterns.