The Story

There’s more to the world than just our own backyard.

Flora & Fauna makes hygiene products – but their vision is so much bigger than that. A major point of difference for the brand is their small-scale, organic operation that takes advantage of local artisans to craft their line. Giants in the Sky took it a step further with a central brand question: “How can we hold corporations responsible for their impact on the climate and the global community?” Many young consumers are very aware of their carbon footprint and care deeply about how their consumption choices affect others and the future. In essence, the Flora & Fauna story is about creating a community of people who are proud to be forward-thinking and selfless in their choices, and by purchasing from F&F, they put their money where their mouth is.


Flora & Fauna


Brand Story



Web Design & Development

Email Marketing

The Look & Packaging

High-end, vibrant texture.

Keywords for the brand were high-end, natural, modern, botanical, raw, striking, and simple, so a simple palette of rich colors in a variety of textures carries the visual presence of Flora & Fauna.

It was important that the packaging of the products feel like a luxury, but also evoke the knowledge that underserved communities and the environment are being helped by the purchase through a donation. To this end, the colors serve to remind consumers of diverse cultures, humanity as a whole, and natural wildflowers.

The textures chosen are meant to embody the word “raw”: unrefined and untouched in their simplicity. This echoes the organic foundation of the products, which contain only ingredients that are found in the natural world. To Flora & Fauna’s target market, all-natural is the only way to go.

Web Initiative

Apathy is conformity, and we break the mold by caring.

The central premise of the website and email templates is a glossy magazine feel that also emphasizes the worldly ideals of the brand. Throughout the digital marketing efforts, consumers are reminded of their place in the world and how they can make a difference by joining the Flora & Fauna family. It’s simple enough to do but provides them with a bigger statement about themselves they can claim, which justifies such a high-end price. The ultimate experience and feeling is one of celebrating one’s own life while advocating for the lives of others simultaneously.