The Story

Build the life and world you’ve always dreamed of.

Leap is a conference and mentorship-focused incubator for recent graduates to explore their big ideas in tech and non-profits. Leap needed a story that told their target audience that no future is out of reach—that with the right tools and the right people behind them, they can achieve anything they put their minds to. The central premise behind the story is that everyone deserves to love their life’s work, and love the direction in which they’re headed as a whole. Innovation, both professionally and personally, are the message.




Brand Story


Web Design & Development

Social Campaign

The Look and Campaign

Begging the questions.

The general look of the brand builds on a brutalist aesthetic, but with a creative twist. Central to the identity is the multicolor gradient carried by the logo, as well as the fluid pattern present on all deliverables. The gradient is meant to visualize creative, vivid thought and design thinking, where iteration creates new possibilities.

Simplistic visuals were key to the overall look and campaign. Photographic elements ground the design in reality, and animation that makes creative use of photographic elements creates a playful, informal feeling. The ads themselves, played across various platforms, are meant to provoke inspiration and desire to explore possibilities in the viewer. They bring up central brand questions such as, “Do I have to hate my job?” and “What does it mean to innovate the everyday?” They encourage the viewer to decide for themselves.

The Website

Inspiration from deconstruction.

As mentioned above, the central point of reference for the design was the brutalist aesthetic. Brutalism seeks to deconstruct design to its most basic, essential structure, which is a similar process pursued by founders of startups in creating a minimum viable product before pursuing venture capital. The design of the website needed to be intuitive but also accurately embody this minimalist approach.