The Story

Your uniqueness should be celebrated.

Peep is a new fashion sunglasses brand that focuses on individuality, diversity, and life in vivid color. In working with Peep, we aimed to show the unique clientele they serve, settling on an updated take on Old Hollywood glamour. With the identity and campaign, we stressed the importance of using fashion to find your real people: the people who will accept you just as you are and how you love to be. We helped Peep announce that even something as simple as sunglasses can telegraph your unique personality and help you carve out your own unique corner of the world where you can be yourself.


Peep Sunglasses


Brand Story



Web Design & Development

Social Campaign

The Look & Campaign

Tradition, meet the young turks.

Keywords for the brand were bold, fun, diverse, unique, warm, and positive, so we set out to create a brand identity that immediately evoked these words. The visual basis of the brand is a colorful abstract pattern that carries throughout, which brings to mind a person that exemplifies self-expression without feeling the need to conform to a certain standard.

The centerpiece, however, was the social campaign, which centered on old Hollywood icons updated to a more Millennial look, and with a diverse cast. The four icons chosen were Marilyn Monroe in The Seven Year Itch, James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause, Marlon Brando in The Wild One, and Grace Kelly in Rear Window. We came up with the campaign tagline, “Be your own icon”, which nailed down the brand’s intent to embody individuality while also staying true to the social campaign’s intention that creating your own version of beauty and fashion is more important than fitting in to a prescribed set of ideals. The mission was to tell a story about Peep’s customers that reminded them they deserve to find the people who will love them for who they really are. Not everyone will find beauty in a tattooed Marilyn Monroe, but those that do will really love her.

The Website

A different eCommerce experience.

The website had to echo the revolutionary ideals of the brand, so it takes advantage of a more modern design and UI. The goal was to be as visual as possible, with full images that seem larger-than-life.

We kept the overall look very minimal, while still leaving small details that are aesthetically appealing. The product pages use an innovative full-page spread that differs from most eCommerce websites, which further cements Peep’s presence as an innovator.